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KLOKi Pirate Radio Denver℠ is owned and operated by Community Media Arts & Entertainment Group ("CMAEG"), a privately held Colorado-based nonprofit corporation. All rights reserved.

PhunkyRide.com℠, KLOKi.us℠, and PirateRadioDenver.com℠ are service marks of CMAEG. MediaPressKit.net℠, TOUTout.net℠ and OpenVerseChallenge.com℠ are service marks of KindRideShare.net LLC, a Colorado-based for-profit company, and operated by GMAEG under an exclusive worldwide license. 100% of all benefits derived from the operation of PhunkyRide.com℠, PirateRadioDenver.com℠, KLOKi.us℠, MediaPressKit.net℠, OpenVerseChallenge.com℠, and/or TOUTout.net℠ go to CMAEG in furtherance of its purpose and mission. KindRideShare.net LLC does not profit or benefit from the operation of its contributions to CMAEG, other than by association.

Community Media Arts & Entertainment Group, NPO operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes; by providing alternative access to media arts, in marginalized populations, that is supportive of the professional development of Do-It-Yourself musicians; as well as to endorse the involvement of diverse voices in media arts, the portrayal of accurate representation of these populations by mainstream media, and to promote access to diverse, non-commercial, non-sectarian, inclusive audio programming for artistic expression, music, debate, critisism, discussion, announcements, and other affairs and services that are educational, informative, entertaining, and reflective of trends, attitudes, and culture.

KLOKi radio contains audio content intended for mature audiences only.

https://KLOKi.us is the official connection point for the KLOKi live stream. Listeners can connect directly to the stream using either https://PirateRadioDenver.com or https://KLOKi.us, whichever is easiest to remember and share.

https://PirateRadioDenver.com is a forwarding domain that provides easy-to-remember access to the live stream for KLOKi Pirate Radio Denver.

https://PhunkyRide.com is the official website for KLOKi Pirate Radio Denver.

https://MediaPressKit.net is a social networking platform being developed to provide artists with a professionally designed and customizable online portfolio that brings together their entire online presence in to one place. The platform is not expected for release until June of 2024.

https://OpenVerseChallenge.com is being developed to serve as yet another social networking platform but with a focus to help promote and prop up artists participating in the "Open Verse Challenge." OpenVerseChallenge.com is not expected to be released until February or March of 2024.

https://TOUTout.net is a new social networking platform connecting members to private events nearby. Be it a garage sale, drum circle, house party, community event or a free concert TOUTout.net gets you connected easier than ever before. TOUTout.net is now available for sign-ups.

https://BuskinBuskers.com is a future project with the vision to provide street performers with a space dedicated to the busking life. It too is not expected to be ready for launch until June of 2024.

DJ ChazMy motto is quite simply, "Thow Shalt Not Wimp Out!" I mean, I wear patch pants and a tail. Right! -Chaz

Chaz (aka Stacy Hall) is the founder and owner of KLOKi radio and Community Media Arts & Entertainment Group, a privately held nonprofit corporation based in the State of Colorado.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

You are encouraged to get involved! Success is achieved when we work together. Let's share our ideas, collaborate, and work as a team of independent and creative thinkers who are all working towards building a network of promotional tools that can take a bite into the monopolized music industry. With the right mentality, we can create something that demands attention. With that, feel free to contact KLOKi with any comments, questions, concerns, criticism, or suggestions on what more can be done to build a network that gets the attention needed to help independent artists realize their dreams. When music wins, we all win.